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  • 1000w on Grid Solar Inverter DC11-28v/AC230v
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  • 1000w on Grid Solar Inverter DC11-28v/AC230v

    Solar panel and wintube on grid inverter, DC to AC power, and feed buyer's local home grid. save your money simply

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Product introduction

Solar panel and wintube on grid inverter, DC to AC power, and feed buyer's local home grid. save your money simply

1000w Pure Sine Wave on Grid Tie Solar Inverter
for 12v solar system (36 cells, VOC about 21v, VMP about 18v)

DC11-28v to AC180-260v 


Important Things: on grid inverter, it must plug your home grid, can't run your device directly(like as TV, fan, computer etc..), don't use it as an off grid inverter. for 12v solar system, the best working voltage(MPPT) is about 18-24v.

Multi-protection function: Over Current Protection/Over Temperature Protection/Reverse Polarity Protection/Island Protection

Features: Stackable/MPPT-Maximum Power Point Tracking/Automatic Sensing Function Solar Luminosity and restart automatic every morning

Safety: DC and AC all have fuse inside, it is able to protect the people + power switch +we do the speical for the aluminum shell, it is insulation

Cooling method: fan-cooled+aluminum shell, more better cooling function, smart and light (3.7 kg), easy to carry and handle.


Wide DC voltage range: DC11-28v
AC output voltage: AC 180-260v
MPPT Voltage: 18.7-24v, if the input voltage is not within this range, the efficiency will be less than the standard efficiency.
Normal AC Output Power:940W
Max AC Output Power: 1000W
Frequency: 46-65Hz, adjust by inverter automatic
High frequency and high efficiency
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): 5%
Power Factor: 0.99
LED light show different working status
Output waveform: pure sine wave
Standby Power consumption:0.5W
Peak Inverter Efficiency: 90%
Easy to install, DC connect your solar panel(red terminals connect "+", black terminals connect "-"), AC connect your home grid

Packing content:
1PC Power inverter
1PC Power cord
1PC user manual

Note1: this grid tie inverter was designed for 12v solar panel, if you want to work with wind generator, please confirm the DC input voltage is within our inverter's DC range

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