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  • 4000w/12000w Peak Pure Sine Wave Inverter+UPS+Battery Charge Function DC24v to AC110v 60Hz+LCD
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  • 4000w/12000w Peak Pure Sine Wave Inverter+UPS+Battery Charge Function DC24v to AC110v 60Hz+LCD

    3 in 1 inverter, with inverter+UPS converter+battery charge functions. can handle  9000w surge power, and match a family's need.

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Product introduction

3 in 1 inverter, with inverter+UPS converter+battery charge functions. can handle  9000w surge power, and match a family's need.

4000w/Peak 12000w Car Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave DC24v to 110v&60Hz

LCD display+UPS converter+USB port

max 60a battery charge function(it is up to the inverter's specification

DC to AC, AC to DC, this is a double way inverter

battery is not included
Product Feature:

2pcs powerful cooling fan and big area cooling hole can cool down the inverter’s temfperature, 2 pairs of DC black & red terminals, can accept 300amps input max. 2pcs universal socket can run 16amps output max. 1pc white terminals can run 60amps output max. AC input connect grid to charge battery, accept 60amps max. High quality holder and roller handle 40-60kg.
Inverter and Inverter Multi Protection Function: pure sine wave power inverter, low frequency, 3 times surge power, up to about 12000w for 15-20 seconds. Power save model can be used when the inverter’s loading is less than 20w. and it can restart automatic when it is large than 20w.
Battery Charge: 3-step intelligent battery charging, float and constant charge mode, 7 battery type selector, battery charger built in, 8 Battery types: Gel U.S.A, AGM1, AGM2, Sealed lead acid, Gel Euro, Open Lead Acid, Calcium, De-Sulphatio. Battery is not included.
UPS Function and USB Connector: inverter has function as a UPS converter, with max transfer time of 7-13ms between battery and AC (AC to inverter<13ms, inverter to AC <7ms). 2.5” LCD display, user can know the inverter’s working status clearly. Like as AC voltage, amps, frequency and so on. after you set the input Amps data, it can keep to flash to alarm if the amps is over. LCD display is an optional part. 5V/2A USB connector can charge your mobile phone, IPAD etc.

Safety and Multi Protection Function: Inverter and battery charger fuse can protect inverter when amps are over, and just press on to reset. AC input over voltage & AC input low voltage & battery high voltage & battery low voltage & overheating & overloading & short circuit protection.

Possible use: air compressors, buffers, blenders, computers, coffee makers, circular saws, drills, fans, facsimile machines, fluorescent and incandescent lights, grinders, game consoles, high – pressure sodium lamp. ice markers, lawn mower, musical instruments, metal halide lamp, monitors, microwave, motor, printers, pump, razor, sanders, scanners. shavers, sewing machines. sewing machines, satellite equipment, toasters, television, VCRs, vacuum cleaners, weed and hedge trimmers

General specification:

Model No.: PSW4000-24-110-LCD
Rated output power: 4000W
Peak power: 12000W

Input Waveform: Pure sine wave(bypass mode)

Output waveform: Pure sine wave, same as input
AC output voltage: 115v±5%
Max AC input voltage: 150v
Nominal Efficiency:>88%(peak)
Low voltage trip: 90v±4%
Low voltage re-engage: 100v±4%

High voltage trip: 140v±4%

High voltage re-engage: 135v±4%
Power factor: 0.9-1.0
AC output frequency: 60Hz ± 0.3Hz
Low frequency trip: 57Hz
High frequency trip: 65Hz

Inverter DC input specification:
Normal input voltage: 24v
Min start voltage: 20v
Low voltage alarm: 21v
Low voltage trip: 20v

High voltage alarm: 32v
Power save model: yes, when output power less than 20w

Inverter AC output specification:

AC output waveform: pure sine wave
Continuous output power: 4000w
Surge power: 12000w(keep 15-20 seconds)
Power factor: 0.9-1.0
AC output voltage:115v
Output voltage regulation: +/- 10% RMS
AC output frequency: 60Hz ± 0.3Hz
Inverter efficiency: 88%
Short circuit protection: yes, fault after 7 seconds

AC battery charge specification:
AC input voltage range: 95-127v
Output voltage: depend on battery type

AC charge input amps: 40a,up to the inverter's specification, max 60a
DC input max amps: 140a
Battery initial voltage for starting up: 0-31.4v
Over charge protection shutdown: 31.4v

Bypass and protection:
AC input waveform: pure sine wave
AC input voltage range: 94-134v

AC input frequency: 60Hz
AC input voltage frequency range: 58-60± 0.3Hz
Overload protection: Fuse trip
Short circuit protection: Fuse trip
Bypass current: 30a
Max bypass current: 35a
Bypass over current: yes,35a

Product size&package&weight:
Package weight: 22kg
Prodcut Size: 30.5 x 21.5 x 33.5 cm
Display of product: LED light+LCD display
Product accessories:a pair of red+black cable (suit this inverter's need)+user manual
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